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Don't let your endpoints
become attack points

Hunt and stop endpoint attacks in their tracks before they compromise your business with esENDPOINT, powered by VMware Carbon Black.

Get modern endpoint protection with the best of expert threat hunting, next-generation antivirus and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Using the latest detection measures, esENDPOINT combines VMware Carbon Black’s predictive threat modeling with eSentire’s proprietary machine learning technology to prevent known attacks and identify potential unknown and zero-day threats.
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Threat Intelligence Spotlight: Hunting Elusive Malware

Get under-the-hood threat intelligence insights into current evasive malware strategies being carried out right now by cybercriminals seeking to take advantage of distracted and disbursed workforces. Join experts from eSentire and VMware Carbon Black as they uncover some actionable recommendations to protect your business today.


Threat Intelligence Spotlight: Hunting Evasive Malware

A global pandemic, distributed workforces and rapid migration to more cloud services have altered threat surfaces, placing emphasis on endpoint and cloud security. The result is that an organization’s network footprint is now dispersed globally across interacting systems and technologies.

On-Demand Webinar

Turning the Elusive into the Tangible: Understanding attacker behavior and how to hunt endpoint threats

Organizations must not only defend against endpoint attacks, but hunt for threats within their environment to account for new attacker behaviors. Join experts from eSentire and VMware Carbon Black as they discuss the latest endpoint threats and how to defend against them.

The best offense is a good defense

Thwart Known Threats

Next-gen endpoint prevention identifies suspicious behavior with automated blocking of known, new and fileless attacks

Detect New Attacks

EDR with integrated proprietary machine learning identifies threats built to bypass prevention

Hunt and Isolate Before Disruption

Elite threat hunters minimize threat actor dwell time for you by locking down and isolating compromised endpoints

Harden Against the Future

Unlimited incident response support ensures threat presence is eradicated and endpoints are resilient to new and repeat attacks

Explore the proven capabilities of eSentire esENDPOINT, powered by VMware CarbonBlack.

What does esENDPOINT detect?


Known Attacks

Suspicious Activity

Abnormal Behaviour

Fileless Attacks

Advanced Persistent Threats

Lateral Movement

Zero-day Attacks

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