How AI is Impacting the Future of Cybersecurity

Wednesday, July 24
11:00am - 12:00pm EST

Generative AI technologies have had a transformative impact on businesses to help improve efficiency and reduce overhead. However, as reliance on these technologies rises, they come with their own complex set of cybersecurity challenges. Security leaders want to understand the effect these tools have on cyber risk, business risk and compliance with new regulations from the SEC and other organizations.

Additionally, MDR providers like eSentire are introducing tools like AI Investigator, where customers benefit from real-time answers to security data queries and can support internal investigations with confidence.

In this webinar, eSentire and Auxiom, will share their insights on:

  • Cyber risks associated with using generative AI technologies
  • How security leaders can use ChatGPT, and other similar tools, to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and build cyber resilience
  • How security leaders can set up, deploy, and use LLM (large language model) gateways to protect your company's sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance
  • How MDR providers are applying generative AI tools to advanced threat detection and response to provide better security outcomes

Date: Wednesday, July 24
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm EST
Location: Zoom Webinar

Featured Speakers

John Moretti

Principal Solutions Architect, eSentire

Earl Duby

Chief Information Security Officer, Auxiom