Downtime Revenue Disruption: Reducing The Costliest Aspect of a Ransomware Attack


Monday, March 11th, 13:00PM GMT

Ransomware has become a topic of discussion globally as cybersecurity leaders grapple with the magnitude and impact of cyber risk and the threat of downtime revenue disruption to their business.  

Unless you’re prepared to defend against ransomware, these attacks result in your firm being locked out of critical systems and applications for days and even weeks. In many cases, the resulting downtime can cost upwards of £175K per day in revenue disruption. 

In this webinar, eSentire’s Senior Solutions Architect, Ryad Jawaheer shares his insights and recommendations on how you can prevent downtime based on your specific industry threats. He will also compare the cost of downtime revenue disruption vs the cost of a 24/7 in house SOC vs the value of investing in 24/7 MDR.  

You'll learn more about: 

  • The top malware threats observed in the legal industry that lead to ransomware attacks
  • The cost of downtime based on an organisation’s size
  • The costs of building, staffing, and operating a 24/7 SOC in-house
  • How organisations can experience >70% in cost-savings with eSentire MDR

Webinar Hosts

Ryad Jawaheer

Director, Solutions Architect

Phil Skelton

Director, Sales