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No Safe Harbor: The Inside Truth About Cybercrime, and How to Protect Your Business

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About No Safe Harbor

Stories of massive data breaches litter the 24-hour news day headlines. A who’s who of banks, retailers, law firms, and healthcare organizations are affected by hackers and cybercrime syndicates. These companies, however, are often those with the most sophisticated technological systems in place, designed to stop crime before it starts. So how and why do cybercriminals continue to breach their ranks? And how can smaller companies with fewer resources at hand protect themselves?

The story of digital crime told by cyber security expert Mark Sangster, VP of Industry Security Strategies at eSentire, is one that hasn't been told before: one in which the key to changing the locks isn't in our computers, but in our corporate culture. Sangster deftly weaves together real-life criminal cases in a thrilling narrative that illustrates the human complexities behind the scenes that can directly result in an open door to threats. Within a security context, deep social engineering is the newest and biggest means of breaching our systems. Sangster shows readers that, in a world where the notion of truth is evaporating, organizations need to shift the security discussion away from technology gates alone toward a focus on leadership, team behaviors, and mutual support.

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What the Experts Are Saying About No Safe Harbor

ALM Cybersecurity Law

Mark provides a real wake-up call to law firms and companies of all sizes, especially to those that think they are too small or inconsequential to be the target of cyber crime. He draws from his expertise and experience to break down the misconceptions of cybersecurity and uses real life examples to demonstrate the myriad ways cyber criminals can attack. Likening cyber viruses to the unprecedented global pandemic, “No Safe Harbor” explains that cybersecurity has to become part of strategic planning; we can no longer just react to security issues, we have to have a mindset of protection.

Steve Salkin, Managing Editor, ALM’s Cybersecurity Law & Strategy

Healthcare Cyber Strategist

Mark’s straight forward approach to storytelling and explaining by example, helps clear the fog of cybersecurity to allow aspiring business leaders a better understanding of the risks, threats and vulnerabilities faced by their companies in today’s business environment. Written in easy to understand language that anyone can grasp, and by analyzing the growing cybersecurity problem through the conceptual lens of business people, Mark shares the successes and failures of others so that lessons can be learned and strategies and plans adjusted accordingly to avoid repeating the mistakes of recent history. This is a ‘must read’ for any aspiring business leader.

Richard Stayning, Chief Security Strategist @Cylera, & Adjunct Professor of Cybersecurity Risk Management @The University of Denver, University College

Cyber Law Expert

Mark Sangster’s advice could not have arrived at a more propitious moment, as the work paradigm changes to remote information systems access as a default rather than an exception. The book reads like a collection of short stories, all revolving around a central theme: Cybersecurity is a business risk and a people challenge and the approach to those people should be made, as Mark does so well, by appeals to common sense and documented in easy-to-understand frameworks. This book should be essential reading for senior management and corporate directors.

Kenneth Rashbaum, Partner, Barton LLP

About the Author

Mark Sangster, VP of Industry Security Strategies, eSentire

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Mark Sangster is an award-winning speaker at international conferences and on prestigious stages including the Harvard Law School, and an author on various subjects related to cyber security. He is a contributor to several leading industry publications (CSO Magazine, SC Magazine, LegalTech News), an invited speaker at 40+ conferences a year, and a regular guest on well-respected podcasts.

His thought-provoking work and perspective on shifting risk trends has influenced industry thought leaders, and he is a go-to subject matter expert on data breach events for leading publications and media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and The CBC. Mark has served on the LegalSEC Council with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), and now advises the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) on their cyber security policies.

His 25-year career was established with industry giants like Intel Corporation, BlackBerry, and Cisco Systems. At BlackBerry, Mark worked on the first secure devices for government agencies. Since then, he has continued to build mutually beneficial relationships with regulatory agencies in key industry sectors including legal, finance, healthcare and manufacturing.

Mark currently serves as the Principal Evangelist and VP of Industry Security Strategies for the Gartner recognized security leader eSentire, Inc.

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