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Unrivalled endpoint protection plus the power of eSentire Managed Detection and Response

Your security team is stretched, but the ability to confidently secure your distributed workforce and endpoints shouldn't be. Protect your endpoints no matter where they reside with esENDPOINT managed by eSentire and powered by CrowdStrike.

Don’t do it alone. Get cloud-native Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for the mid-market, plus a team of elite threat hunters on watch for you every second of every day to find and stop endpoint threats quickly.

Future Forward: A Distributed World Shifts Security Front Lines to the Endpoint

As millions of remote workers tap into critical business systems from their homes, today’s distributed world shifts cybersecurity front lines from traditional perimeters to endpoints. Watch and learn how to safeguard your virtual and distributed environments now.

eSentire esENDPOINT, powered by CrowdStrike, overcomes common cybersecurity challenges faced by small- and medium-sized businesses across all industries:

Lack of full visibility into on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments

Ineffective preventative security controls

Ability to monitor, detect and respond and quickly contain cyberthreats 24/7 across disparate data sources

Not enough IT staff trained to handle complex cybersecurity strategies or multiple security technologies

68% IT security professionals say their company experienced one or more endpoint attacks that compromised data assets or IT infrastructure in 2019

Of those incidents that were successful, 80% were new or unknown, zero-day attacks

The average cost per endpoint breach increased to $9M in 2019

Source: The Third Annual Ponemon Institute Study on the State of Endpoint Security Risk

We stand with you to fight against known and sophisticated endpoint threats

Block Known Threats in Seconds

Cloud-delivered endpoint protection rapidly identifies suspicious behavior with automated blocking of known, new and fileless attacks.

Identify and Stop New Threats Fast

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) with integrated proprietary machine learning identifies evasive cyberthreats built to bypass traditional prevention measures.

Minimize Threat Actor Dwell Time

Elite threat hunters minimize dwell time for you by locking down and isolating compromised endpoints.

Harden Against Future Attacks

Unlimited response support ensures threat presence is eradicated and endpoints are resilient to new and repeat attacks.

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eSentire, Inc., founded in 2001, is the category creator and world’s largest Managed Detection and Response (MDR) company, safeguarding businesses of all sizes with the industry-defining, cloud-native Atlas platform that removes blind spots and enables 24x7 threat hunters to contain attacks and stop breaches within minutes. Its threat-driven, customer-focused culture makes the difference in eSentire’s ability to attract the best talent across cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and cloud-native skill sets. Its highly skilled teams work together toward a common goal to deliver the best customer experience and security efficacy in the industry. For more information, visit and follow @eSentire.